Anime Personal Ads Are Here!

We all have different anime preferences. That comes apparent every Friday at poll time when the votes and comments roll in. Sadly, I only get thusly acquainted with my readers piece meal; week by week. Some of my readers, I know by their comments; mochi, Chris, tj han, hinano, lenners, crayotic rockwell, super rats, etc.

The others, well, voting is pretty anonymous. So I’m setting up a post where readers can post an anime personal ad, so to speak. This isn’t necessarily to shack up with someone (well, you could), but to let readers know your overall preferences in a tidy, readable comment post. For example: Say I’m looking for an anime viewing buddy in the STL area to have anime conversations and debates with who likes the same things as me. I’d probably do a post that reads:

Anime Personals: Looking for Anime Buddy

While David is great for anime discussions and I’m always willing to watch it with him, I know I ruin anime for him sometimes. It’s usually a snide comment or outright derisive laughter that gets him. And though I try to be a good anime viewing buddy, I realize I fail nine times outta ten since we don’t like the same things. Hell, we argue in circles about why we don’t like the same things and that just goes to show that preferences can be pretty unexplainable. We like what we like.

So here’s your chance to post your anime preferences for one and all to see. Maybe you’ll find someone who likes the same thing as you and get an anime e-pal outta the deal. Go for it folks, but please follow some simple guidelines:

  • Follow the newspaper personals template and use abbreviations.
  • Seven lines max.
  • No derogatory language.
  • No sexual references (saying you like yaoi, hentai, and yuri is fine but don’t say, “Must want to act out scene 19 in Legend of the Overfiend.”).
  • Keep it on topic or it gets pulled!
  • Have fun!

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