Domo is Target’s Halloween Mascot!

Domo is Target’s Halloween Mascot!

Halloween is Rachel and my favorite time of year. When we were at Target recently, we decided to check out the Halloween section. To our pleasant surprise…Domo had taken over!!!

There are lots of awesome Domo-Kun stuff all over Target that would be awesome to steal have! For pictures of Domo at Target, check out The Anime Blog’s Halloween Domo Kun Gallery!

The cool thing about Domo’s appearance at Target is that they’re acknowledging his Japanese roots:

Domo Piñata

 Domo’s World Screamiere – Domo first made the scene in Japan, where his TV-fueled imagination led him into tricky situations. Now he’s arrive at Target with an exclusive short episode and tons of fright-night fun.

There’s also a special original Domo short that was created specifically for Target.

So what do you think about Domo at Target? Take the poll, then tell us your thoughts in the comments!

What do you think of Domo as Target’s Halloween Mascot?

  • I totally love Halloween Domo at Target!
  • I think Domo is a sell-out!
  • OMG I didn’t know Domo was at Target but that rocks!
  • Meh. Domo does nothing for me.

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