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In looking back, this year has been filled with some awesome anime series. Some series have been subtle, and tell a rich story without overuse of action or visuals. Some anime have been in-your-face action with high-end visuals and sound. Some anime have even managed to combine the two to create something worthy of the title, “Best“.

Then there’s the anime which sucked so hard, they created a black hole in the anime universe, which even the most fantastic anime could never hope to fill.

I have a few anime I would like to nominate as “Best” for 2007:


For the “Worst” anime of 2007:
Trinity Blood Art2

I haven’t read enough manga this year to be informed enough to say which is “Best”, but if I had to choose from among the manga I have read in 2007, it would be:

Best Manga:

Worst Manga:

Best and Worst is all relative and my choices for Best and Worst probably won’t coincide with anybody else’s. Since we have a nifty comment board in which to air opinions, let’s hear a few of everyone’s personal choices for Best and Worst Anime of 2007!