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When I found out that the Gothic & Lolita Bible was being licensed for release in the U.S., I was pretty psyched! For those of you who might not know what that is, it’s a collector’s magazine (dubbed a “mook” by the Japanese–somewhere between a magazine and a book) that showcases some amazing fashions unique to Tokyo. As the title implies, it’s an assorted collection of Gothic and Lolita styles as well as Punk and mixtures of said fashions (such as Gothic Lolita). It appeals to both cosplayers and fashionistas worldwide–but until now, only those able to read Japanese could bask in its entire glory…. Continue Reading…

18 Feb , 2008

A Gothic Aristocrat Primer, Part Two

Posted by: Kuroloki In: Lolita Fashion

Welcome to the second installment of A Gothic Aristocrat Primer! I encourage you to read the first article, as there are some pointers there that also apply to the two styles I will brush over today: Madam and Ouji.
yukoContinue Reading…

04 Feb , 2008

A Gothic Aristocrat Primer, Part One

Posted by: Kuroloki In: Lolita Fashion

Greetings, readers! I am known as Kuroloki Roku (my friends call me Roku), and for my first Anime Blog article, I would like to teach you about the elusive Aristocrats of Gothic and Lolita fashion. … Continue Reading…

The rumors were true! Tokyopop has finally announced the release of the first English-language Gothic and Lolita Bible for February 2008. The success was first announced at Book Expo America on June 1, 2007. The release date was announced at New York Anime Fest in December 2007…. Continue Reading…

10 Dec , 2007

Beginning Lolita – All About Commissions

Posted by: Curiosity In: Lolita Fashion

So you’ve decided you’d like to dress in Lolita style, but your body type does not lend to the standard construction or sizing of Japanese brands. Or perhaps the clothing that you’ve always dreamed of will be forever out of stock. Fear not, aspiring Lolita, for there is another way to possess the fashion you desire!… Continue Reading…

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