Chii at con

chobits cosplay anime con 2007. first attempt.

Uploaded By: a.thethird
Tags: chobits, cosplay, chii
Uploaded: June 14, 2007


Amber Davis wrote…
still good! Thanks for adding your cool Otaku pic to this group: EVERYBODY COSPLAY OTAKU!

Ofelia Taylor wrote…
yeah its average cause my wisdom teeth were pulled out no less a couple days before con. 🙁

ta_boo_girl wrote…
Cute outfit. I love the skirt! I was wondering if you’d like to introduce yourself, and add your photos here? The people there would love to see these cosplay photos of yours 🙂 ( Of course, you can post a link to this profile there too, if you want …. To get more get more people coming here and looking at your pictures ^_^ )

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