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I’m usually not a fan of anime which have multiple seasons. For some reason they don’t seem sincere, or necessary. If an anime can’t say what it needs to say in twenty six episodes, it just doesn’t have anything to say. There may be exceptions to this rule, but so far, I personally haven’t come […]

Read my review of Ouran High School Host Club, Part One!
The fiesty twins, Kaoru and Hikaru, try to steal away the heart of Tamki’s “baby”, the cute and out of place Haruhi, in the second half of Ouran High School Host Club!
Plot Summary
Haruhi can’t catch a break from the duties and attentions of the Host […]

09 Feb , 2009

Ghost Hunt Scares Up High Marks In Part Two

Posted by: Rachel In: Anime Reviews

Read my review of Ghost Hunt, Part One!
Ghost Hunt, Part Two has Mai dreaming of death and has the rest of the ghost hunters scrambling to solve some grisly cases.
Plot Summary
Naru takes on another school related case, but this haunting is more sinister than the previous one, especially since people are being psychically hurt as […]

Seldom is a sequel ever as good as its original. In Afro Samurai: Resurrection, the movie sequel to the five episode long series, Afro returns after meting out the pain to his father’s killer.

Plot Summary

Years after Afro Samurai avenged his father, the deadly warrior has laid down his sword and tries to live a life […]

19 Nov , 2008

Ouran High Host Club, Part One

Posted by: Rachel In: Anime Reviews

Sometimes, a gal needs to be pampered. Sometimes, it’s good for a woman to hear they’re beautiful and adored. And there’s a place for those “sometimes”, where handsome young hosts breathe sweet phrases in eager ears. At Ouran High Host Club, these boys have a goal to make every woman happy….

07 Nov , 2008

Strait Jacket Anime Review

Posted by: Rachel In: Anime Reviews

What would the world be like if magic and science existed side by side? Would we be more efficient? Happier? Richer? More powerful? In the anime OVA, Strait Jacket, based off the popular novel by Ichiro Sakaki, the world is neither better nor worse, but much more interesting.
Plot Summary
The world has been changed. In 1899, […]

24 Oct , 2008

Ghost Hunt Part 01 Review

Posted by: Rachel In: Anime Reviews

When things go bump in the night, we generally assume it’s the wind, or maybe some neighbor’s cat. We’ve all grown up with stories of hauntings and cursed houses but as we grow older we discount those tales as childish and untrue. But not every bump in the night is the wind and not every […]

22 Oct , 2008

xxxHolic, Season One Review

Posted by: Rachel In: Anime Reviews

Alcoholic- someone addicted to alcohol. Workaholic- a person who lives for work. Suga-holic- an individual who can’t be parted from sweets. Put -holic at the end of any word (x) and you get x-addiction.
No matter what anybody says, we’re all addicted to something in life. Be it something as innocuous as kittens and lollipops to […]

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