Anime Central 2007: More Trigun Anime On the Way

Trigun 2 anime series
[NAME WITHHELD] told me yesterday at Anime Central that Yasuhiro Nightow is working on pre-production of a new Trigun anime series that continues the story he’s telling in his manga. Let’s just say it’s from a very reliable source! :)

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I love anime. Specifically, series involving any of the following things: weird fantasy elements, super-powers, robots, aliens, wicked humor, crazy villains, horror, ninjas and samurai. I guess that means I like a lot of anime.


  1. Inuhanyou

    YES! I knew it! Although he did say in a previous interview that due to the story it was unlikley, im glad he gave mroe consideration to trigun X! I figured it was going to be in the form of the movie like was rumored but this is even better! Im pretty sure its going to be animated by madhouse..but still it would have been nice to see a continuation to the original anime as many have not read the manga..

  2. Adun

    That’s rather interesting news. Though I’m with Inuhanyou that not a lot of people have read the manga but if it does show some form of continuation from the first anime series, that would be cool.

  3. Gaijinder

    Yeah he apparently said it during one of the panels. Didn’t get it recorded for my coverage but nonetheless it’s awesome ^_^

  4. David

    Inuhanyou – yes it’s great news indeed. Have you been reading Trigun Maximum?

    Adun – Yeah, but since lots haven’t read the manga there will probably be surprises in store! :)

    Gaijinder – Yep. Here’s the audio of it that I took: more Trigun

  5. Shannon

    Hey ya know when Trigun 2 or X will be out or is it still in its processing stage? Im like dying to know what happens and all that jazz.

  6. Anime


  7. TRI-FAN

    COME ON TELL Shannon

  8. TRI-FAN


  9. KNIVES_01

    uhhhh no
    wolfwood is deff. dead

    i’m pretty sure

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