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02 Apr , 2008

School Rumble, Volume Six

Posted by: Rachel In: Anime Reviews

Don’t miss out on my reviews of School Rumble, Volumes One, Two, Three, Four and Five before reading my review of Volume Six!!
School Rumble “ends” with this last volume in the series, but why does it feel more like a “See You Soon” than a “Sayonara“?
plot summary
Class 2C and 2D are locked in a battle […]

31 Mar , 2008

Death Note, Volume One

Posted by: Rachel In: Anime Reviews| Manga Reviews

The Death Note manga is turning out to be a riveting read. And after taking into account of how popular the manga is with anime fans, I wanted to judge for myself if the anime series of the same name does the manga justice. So far, the Death Note anime is as engaging as the […]

19 Mar , 2008

Origin: Spirits of the Past

Posted by: Rachel In: Anime Reviews

Every now and again, anime gets a chance to impart some wisdom or express a valid point of view. Hayao Miyazaki is a master at making highly entertaining anime which doubles as commentary. His movies have a clarity which is subtle and obvious, depending on how you view them.
Origins: Spirits of the Past, […]

12 Mar , 2008

Black Blood Brothers, Volume One

Posted by: Rachel In: Anime Reviews

It so happens I love vampire novels and movies. When Anne Rice, vampire novelist extraordinare, was the toast of the goth world, I read all her books, even the Witching Hour (blah). I even read the less than complimentary novels featuring vampires by other novelists, but became burnt out on it all.
Black Blood Brothers […]

FUNimation has released a double feature DVD for CLAMP fans to go gaga over. The double feature is two thirty five minute movies: one is Tsubasa, the other is xxxHolic. Let’s see what a double dose of CLAMP feels like!
The Princes in the birdcage kingdom
Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle is an anime based on the […]

04 Mar , 2008

Spiral, Complete Series

Posted by: Rachel In: Anime Reviews

Mystery anime is a genre I haven’t watched much of. Not that I’m averse to it, just I haven’t found any which make sense or seem believable. Spiral, the anime, is a mystery anime based off the manga by Kyou Shirodaira. The manga was first inked in 2000 with fifteen volumes being produced. […]

01 Nov , 2007

Anime Review: Pumpkin Scissors, Volume One

Posted by: Rachel In: Anime Reviews

Idealism. Good, bad, naive? In todays’ world, where realism and cynicism have a strong foothold, idealism may seem all but dead.
Everyone wants to think that life can be made better for the masses (idealism) but the reality is, the masses don’t want life to be better (cynicism) or maybe it’s […]

I was a wee little girl when I became fascinated with Alexandra Dumas’ The Three Musketeers. I thought the friendship the four main characters shared was romantic and epic. In stark contrast to the Three Musketeers is Dumas’ revenge novel, The Comte du Monte Cristo aka The Count of Monte Cristo. No happy camaraderie there, […]